Body Connection: Nico's incredible first experience.

Through this short blog post, I am going to begin to convey the feelings I had today when doing, for the first time, a discipline called "body connection".

Who participated?

It was two hours of intense activity, physically and emotionally, and it absolutely blew my mind. From the beginning, I met a group of people totally atypical of my environment.

It's not that I'm oblivious to the love between friends, but really the heartfelt hugs that these people gave each other when they saw each other again, was a first starting point that I found very beautiful, but also very shocking. There were people from twenty-something to sixty-something, various skin colors, weights, heights, everything; a group of pure acceptance.

How did it develop?

We started with a very good introduction to each other, seeing each other's faces, eyes and smiles, without saying a single word. From this, Raquel, who guided us, also helped us delve a little deeper into our minds and calm down those worries that we brought from outside.

Following this, we did a very beautiful mobility session with Ronin, who taught us that the body is designed to do much more than physical exercise, a movement of the body where it is carried away by instinct.

Raquel once again led the group to a fantastic dynamic, where we went from people to animals. I was a monkey, a crab, and a cat. I reserve more details because these moments are truly unrepeatable.

After this, Raúl challenged us to perform locomotions, where we made those animals again, but we brought the movements to full consciousness. He is also the one who was in charge of musicalizing every moment, a key component to fully delve into this dynamic.

Finally, Ronin took us fully to the "body connection" through dance. This, without a doubt, was the most powerful experience of the entire session, since I had to join a dance that was totally unknown to me, very revealing.

Why did it blow my mind?

My body moved to the beat of the Beats, without even having been to salsa, tango, or flamenco once in my life. It was our own dance that reigned, without any type of judgment about it. It reminded me of something similar to the dances of the orishas. We dance alone, we dance in pairs, and we even dance as a whole group hand in hand.

I felt absolutely fulfilled when I finished, I went from doubt to certainty, from intrigue to the desire to continue.

What do I propose from now on?

I discovered a group with an energy that I had not seen and that I had apparently always been looking for. The challenge as always now is to maintain this energy during the day. Not leave it where I found it but continue encountering it on a daily basis, and thus bring it to those around me.

If you have ever participated in an event like this, please share in the comments.



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