Our Ambassadors

At Namastecita, we firmly believe in the power of yoga to create powerful bonds. Today we want to introduce you to these wonderful people, who we have met along our path, and who represent the best of our philosophy.

Our gratitude to them is immense: they are the ones who inspire us to continue growing and sharing our mats with more people.

Each Namastecita ambassador has a unique story, but they all share the same passion: the love of yoga and connection with others. Your dedication and enthusiasm are the reason why our community is so special.

Know their stories:

Ivan Matamala

Trained in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, I feel very comfortable and...

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Lorena Mateo

My goal and purpose is to share how yoga can help us...

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Silvia Castella

I believe in movement along with breathing, as a tool towards...

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Dara Martinez

I always say that I'm not good at keeping good secrets, they weigh me down! That's why...

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Guillermina García Márquez

I offer yoga classes in different rural towns in the region where I live, in...

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Concha Mejía (Sarasvati) embajadora de namastecita

Concha Mejía (Sarasvati)

I have always felt that it would be wonderful if we could receive help and learn skills to...

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yogui feliz con su mat ecologica

Happy Yogi

In my yoga classes and practices, I focus on moving from pretending to being, facing my...

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Sophie Sornet

I am fascinated by this discipline that combines the health of the mind and the body. I like to see when...

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Lucy Loop

Everything the body does is dictated by the mind, which is why I firmly believe that...

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yoga gala es embajadora de namastecita


As a person prone to anxiety, yoga helps me reduce my stress levels and curb my restless mind. As? Through...

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Juanita Rosasco

I love sharing this practice with others. It exposes me, challenges me and even makes me uncomfortable every day. Every moment is an opportunity to...

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Maca Musante

My exposure to the cold began with a motorcycle accident, after 3 surgeries to recover my knee and be able to walk again, it has become a great ally against chronic pain. And above all a powerful tool for...

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Romi Diaz

This is what I like most about yoga: it brings you to the present moment, the only place where...

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Ana Garcia Serrano

I feel very aligned with what I do today and I hope to continue doing it for many years...

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Jelen Yoga

My vocation is to share the benefits of yoga and accompany you in your life processes, whatever they may be...

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Serla Yoga

A strong and flexible body can become the result of regular yoga practice, the true goal of which remains...

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Dorothy Collado

As the years went by, I discovered that being yourself is the most beautiful and easiest thing that exists. Through yoga I can...

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Agar Marti

I was lucky enough to do advanced teacher training in Vrindavan, India; Following...

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Sara Vinas

I was a gym instructor... I did all kinds of activities, training... And there I met...

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Laura Perpiña

Yoga entered my life by chance about ten years ago, when I was traveling through...

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