About Us

How It All Began

Ever said "I can't do it," only to be proven wrong by your own determination? That's how it is with yoga—the courage to start comes just by rolling out a mat. From there, there's no looking back.

co founder Namastecita setting for a beautiful picture

The First Day

Our journey into yoga began with the start of the COVID pandemic and the ensuing lockdown. There were always perfect excuses not to try yoga, always another time—until there wasn't.

A Little Change Called "Namastecita"

What started with a simple yoga mat quickly evolved. We began with YouTube videos and moved on to daily practices that transformed our lockdown experience. Instead of a standard "Namaste," we embraced "Namastecita," infusing our essence into each greeting. Yoga, after all, is all about feeling.
More Than Just Practice

Our practice grew, and so did our needs. The first mat turned into many, and eventually, we found the perfect one—the same mats that Namastecita offers today. They've held up, proving their worth every day.

Our Mission: expand this vibe.

Having discovered the ideal yoga mat, our goal now is to share it with everyone else.