Yoga Every Day: Create a Habit that Brightens Your Routine

I have just finished reading a book that you must have heard of... It’s a self-help book called "Atomic Habits." Its great reputation is well deserved.

This book teaches us in a simple way how to unlock our minds to acquire good habits or get rid of bad ones.

I realized how easy it can be to do yoga every day if we follow these tips, designed to turn the practice into a routine.

We already wrote something in another post, "Wake Up and Grab Your Mat!" but here I wanted to share with you the laws for creating good habits, applied to using your Namastecita mat every day:

First Law: Make It Obvious

Making a habit obvious means you need to establish clear and visible cues to remind you to practice yoga. Write down your current habits to identify when you can incorporate your yoga session into your day. Use implementation intentions like “I will do yoga at 7 AM in my living room” and stack this new habit onto an existing one, such as drinking a glass of water in the morning.

entorno de yoga tranquilo con esteras de yoga namastecita

To make yoga obvious in your life, always keep your mat ready and visible. If you see your yoga mat when you wake up, it will be easier to remind yourself that it’s time to practice.

When my babies are still asleep, I quietly get up, drink my glass of water, and do my practice. Doesn’t your day improve after a few sun salutations?

Second Law: Make It Attractive

esterilla antideslizante pilates namastecita

Making a habit attractive increases the likelihood that you will stick to it. Combine the practice of yoga with something you enjoy, like lighting incense or playing meditation music.

Moreover, investing in a high-quality, non-slip, and durable mat like those from Namastecita makes the practice of yoga even more appealing. Having a comfortable and attractive mat always in position invites you to practice every day, transforming your space into an ideal place for yoga.

Third Law: Make It Easy

To adopt a new habit, it is crucial to reduce friction and simplify the process. Prepare your environment by having your mat and yoga clothes ready the night before. Start with short sessions, just two minutes, so the habit is easy to begin and maintain a simple routine until it becomes a natural part of your day.

Automate the habit using reminders on your phone or apps that motivate you to practice. The fewer steps there are between you and your yoga practice, the easier it will be to stay consistent.

yoga y meditación namastecita


Fourth Law: Make It Satisfying

Here, it really only takes finishing the practice to feel the great reward of having done it. Make sure each yoga session is gratifying for you; choose the practice according to how you feel. Listen very well to your body.

If you miss a day, don’t punish yourself. Instead, make sure to get back to your mat the next day. Never miss two days in a row, and soon you will notice how yoga becomes an integral and satisfying part of your daily routine.

Almost like a necessity.

Thank you so much for reading, and namastecita.


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