Design and Yoga of a Dreamer: Vero Castaño by Namastecita

At Namastecita, we celebrate the magic of co-creation and feel especially lucky to have Vero on our team.

Her unique talent for fusing art and yoga has enriched our mats with visual stories that inspire and transform each practice.

Through this interview, discover how Vero turns each design into an adventure of shared creativity, and how his artistic vision contributes to our vibrant community spirit.

0. To begin, tell us when and why did you start designing?

When? Since I was very young. I was always very connected to everything creative, drawing, painting, creating games, they were things that I could spend hours doing, I enjoyed it a lot.
Because? Simply because it is something that I like, I feel that it connects me in a special way with my dreamy and playful side. Everything that involves the design process catches me and gives me a lot of enjoyment.

1. Tell us about your path in art and design. How did you come across the world of yoga?

I read a phrase somewhere that says “Yoga is the art of living”, referring to the fact that it teaches us to live in a harmonious way, not only helping us train the body but also the mind and spirit. The path of design and yoga crossed in my adult life while I was in search of my own essence, in that “looking inward”, trying to find that way of living that was more balanced and in connection with myself.

2. When looking at the "Viva la Vida" collection, each mat seems to tell a unique story. Could you share how these stories are born in your creative process?

Viva la vida, the name speaks for itself, a collection that invites you to do just that, to connect with the here and now, to live in the present moment, to enjoy the journey of life.

Although each design is born from the same starting point: Living life, each one tells a unique story, triggering ideas that are different from each other.

Life in Technicolor is the butterfly that transforms, that discovers its power and evolves. Their wings transform into flowers and expand. With alignment lines it is ideal for beginners.


Head Full of Dreams, the head represents the mind in introspection, full of ideas and dreams that come out and are shared to the universe.

My universe, on the one hand represents order, the universe with its planets aligned with each other, and on the other hand the butterflies flying around relaxing the scene a little and generating a harmonious mat.


The common thing between them is that these stories are connected, because all three follow the guidelines of the “live life” collection. All three are born from a sketch, a triggering main idea that materializes in a drawing, and from there there are twists and turns, and boom, we arrive at the final idea. Thank you Nico and Lu for being part of this creative process.

3. In your collaboration with Namastecita, were there any moments or designs that particularly surprised or challenged you?

I think the main challenge was creating three designs that are aligned with the idea of ​​the collection.
As a premise, an element was sought that would be maintained in the 3 mats: The butterfly that appears a lot in the album Viva la vida by Coldplay, a musical album that inspires Nico and Lu in the creation of the collection.
Life in Technicolor was the first, and it meant the reunion with my most creative and playful side, it had its twists and turns, you could say that it was the design that had the most evolution and was the most challenging.


4. Considering the variety of yoga practices, are there any that particularly resonate with you and that you feel influence your work?

Without a doubt, aeroyoga is something that I enjoy very much, it is a practice without limits, which invites full attention, the air, the hammock, and me. Creating is something similar for me, it is connecting with myself and the present moment, the focus is 100% on that.


5. When you think about union, harmony and the essence of yoga, how do you translate these concepts onto a tangible canvas such as a yoga mat?

I think that a yoga mat should be that, the union between the practice, the practically and the present moment, the harmony and balance in its design, and that that is basically what yoga is: The balance of the body and soul.


6. If you had complete freedom to create the yoga mat of your dreams, without limitations, what would it be like? What elements would you include?

It would be a happy, fun, and inspiring mat. If you find any similarity with the “Viva la Vida” collection it is pure coincidence haha.
Although it is difficult to create a single design with all the ideas one would like, these 3 mats each have a little bit of “the mat of my dreams”.
I hope that in the same way that I enjoyed while designing them, their future owners will enjoy them and be inspired and motivated in their yoga practices.


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Que hermoso poder leer y conocer un poco más sobre todo el proceso de creación de la colección que está preciosa!!!!
🥰🥰👏👏👏 gracias Vero por compartirnos tu arte!

María Florencia Heredia Aráoz

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