Viva la Vida: Behind the Scenes of Our Second Collection

Hello again! I'm Nico, and I want to share with you, while it's still fresh in my mind and in yesterday's photographs, the incredible experience of the photography session for our second collection "Viva la Vida".
Founders Namastecita - Lucia & Nico
Since 2016, we have documented on paper the happy and sad moments of our travels and family life. We believe that immortalizing these moments allows us to relive them and refreshes our memories.

Happened yesterday?

We are betting big on our new collection, collaborating with Fran from April Road Studios. A perfectionist of detail and a master of composition, lighting, and sound, Fran captured the essence of our mats with exceptional quality.
It must be said, this guy is a genius, and the connection was instant, and the result was incredible photos that highlight the design and quality of our mats, with their spectacular designs, conceived by our great friend Vero Castaño .

The Most Epic Moment of the Day

To highlight the functionality of the mats, we put them to the test with 4 models, including me! Let's see, I always dreamed of having professional photos with our mats, and that dream came true.
The models were also:
  • Vicky (@wearehona): what a good, smiling person, she is one of the founders of We are Hona! Lucía (my partner and partner) actually meets this beautiful person in her classes at Casa del Moviment in Barcelona. Between photos we heard his beautiful story, he comes from Buenos Aires, and now he plays the Harmonium. His positive energy, and his deep connection with the photographer, enriched the session.
    Laughter and product photography - namastecita mats

  • Laura (@laura.travelyoga): originally from Girona, lives on the beach, and is a person who radiates tranquility, with an incredible smile, and a quality for yoga that left us stunned. We can't wait to come and practice yoga with her in Platja d'Aro.
    Laura Yogi Namastecita Great Grip Mat

  • Veny (@venanciosilva_): with a deep look and a giant smile, this ballet dancer and occasional yogi is the Brazilian with the most flow you will ever see in your life.
    yogi adjusting posture, namastecita mat "my universe"

Together, and guided by Vicky, we carried out a very heartfelt practice, inside the beautifulPalm Bella House studio, in the heart of Poblenou, Barcelona.
The photos will be ready very soon, but as I said, it is important to document what we experienced as soon as possible, so as not to stop remembering these 4 people who accompanied us yesterday, and who are now part of the DNA of our brand.

The brilliant mind behind this event.

Lucia: I go ahead to thank you, you have made this photo session possible, you took care of every detail: finding the place, the people, the photography, the clothes (nothing more and nothing less than Shambhala !), and even to reschedule everything for the well-justified reason that you and I know. We have all enjoyed thanks to your contribution, and that gratitude is what pushes me to finish telling what I experienced in this short article.

Reflections on Project Growth

This third photo session symbolizes everything we have learned and what still awaits us. We are excited to have contributed to the practice of hundreds of yogis and we know that this is just the beginning of a long journey.
That's why we will continue betting on more :)
We are sure that what is coming is always better, although that does not limit us to looking back and feeling that although the path seemed winding, we have gone in a straight line to where we are.
namastecita photography equipment
In 'Polvo de Estrellas', the famous song by Jorge Drexler, there is the phrase 'a life is worth a sun'. I love this simple line because it makes me realize that, although there are countless of us inhabiting this planet, life gives us the opportunity to share unique moments with different people. This reflection fills me with gratitude.

Thanks to you:

And for you who have come this far, thank you! If this new collection sounds cool to you, contact us for a special discount. In about a month, you could have yours.

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