Viva la Vida: Musical Inspiration Behind Namastecita's New Mat Collection

At Namastecita, we believe that life should be lived to the fullest and with passion. We want to reflect this philosophy in our products, and also in the stories that inspire them.

Today, we want to share with you the origin behind the name of our new mat collection: "Viva la Vida": a testimony of love for music, adventure and, of course, yoga.

A Musical Journey

Nico and I, founders of Namastecita, share a passion for music and the unparalleled experience of experiencing live concerts. Coldplay, with their unique energy, has always enchanted us! And our adventures to see this band live are what brought the designs for our new collection to life.

From Tasmania to Melbourne

In 2016, we took a trip from Tasmania to Melbourne, Australia to see Coldplay live. On a tight budget, we faced the adventure of staying awake for about 50 hours straight! Despite the obstacles, such as trying to advance in the concert field and facing a recital culture very different from our own (as seen in the photo, the Aussies a little angry), nothing could erase the smiles from our faces.


The Magic of Coldplay in Barcelona

Six years later, in 2023, Coldplay came to give a series of concerts in Barcelona, ​​but we were disappointed not to get tickets, since they had been bought by resellers who were selling them at a sky-high price (how unfair!). As if that were not enough, we lived around the corner from Montjuic, and there was the stadium where Coldplay played, so from our window we could hear the music and cheers from all the first nights of concerts. The last night we decided to go and try to get in (without tickets, and with all this, I was pregnant with our second child, Pau). We went to the doors, told our story to all the guards, and thanks to the compassion of one of them, we managed to enter the concert (for free!), experiencing a magical and unforgettable night.


Live Life: An Invitation to Live Fully

Coldplay's concerts are not just that, they are shows with all the letters, and for us they were experiences of those that make you say... wow, LONG LIVE LIFE!
Each mat in this collection is inspired by different Coldplay songs, reflecting this desire to live life intensely. Thanks to Vero Castaño, for giving life to the songs “A Head Full of Dreams”, “My Universe” and “Life in Technicolor”, through designs for our mats. Don't miss seeing them here!:


"Viva la Vida" is more than a collection of mats; It is an invitation to live each moment to the fullest, to pursue dreams and to find beauty in life's experiences. Through these designs, we hope to convey the energy, joy and adventurous spirit that has inspired us over the years.

At Namastecita, each product tells a story, and "Viva la Vida" is a tribute to the music that moves us, the experiences that define us and the wonderful journey of life.


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