Ana Serrano

Hello! I am Ana García Serrano, yoga teacher since 2018 and practitioner for more than a decade. I am passionate about yoga and everything it represents.

In 2013 I started taking yoga classes, a bit as a complement to the strength sport that I already practiced, but the more I got into the practice and its philosophy, the more it caught me. In addition to the benefits that I was beginning to feel on a physical and internal level.

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So in 2017 I decided to do my first training as a teacher, in 2018 I started teaching classes in the town where I live and I haven't stopped since. That first training has been followed by many more, including specialization in meditation and biomechanics applied to yoga. I love understanding all bodies from the grossest to the most subtle.

In 2020 I opened my own physical center, and I am very happy with the beautiful community that has formed.

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The styles that I usually teach are Vinyasa and Hatha Vinyasa since I love to flow through movement and release those layers of rigidity that are adhering. In addition, I see how it helps people free themselves from the stress and resistance that is created by the current lifestyle.

I feel very aligned with what I do today and I hope to continue doing it for many years.

Thank you Namastecita for offering us the perfect tool for this conscious self-care practice.


You can find me on Instagram and Facebook as @anaserranoyoga and also on my YouTube channel as @anaserranoyoga

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to happiness and freedom for all.



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