Concha Mejía (Sarasvati)

Concha Mejia Abad namastecita yoga mats ambassador non-slip mat

Hello everyone!

Namastecita offered me this space and I thought it was a great proposal. So I introduce myself and let you know a little about my way of being in the world.

About me

My name is Concha Mejía (Sarasvati).

I have always felt that it would be wonderful if we could receive help and learn skills to move through the world on an emotional level, to face difficulties and fully enjoy ourselves. And that's what I do.

I am a federated yoga teacher for adults, children and pregnant women. I am a Neurolinguistic Programming therapist and I give personal growth workshops.

Concha Mejia Abad namastecita ambassador ambassador yoga mats non-slip mats


In my classes we practice and integrate different concepts on the mat, to apply them to life, to day to day life. So that it is reflected in the way we move and interpret the world.

Presence, observation, clarity, fluidity, direction, detachment... We work with the body through breathing from calm, from silence. To integrate these concepts and we can go beyond the mat.

Concha Mejia Abad ambassador namastecita ambassadora yoga mats non-slip mats

contact me

If you want to know more about online classes, personal growth workshops or therapies:

You can count on me at:
Facebook: Concha Mejía Abad
Instagram: @conchamejiaabad

Greetings and Namaste



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