Dara Martinez

I always say that I'm not good at keeping good secrets, they weigh me down! That's why I share my love for yoga in every corner possible, from my studio to Instagram and YouTube. My goal is for you to enjoy yoga in the most natural and authentic way possible, just as I experience it in my personal practice.

Hello! I'm Dara, a mom, yoga enthusiast, and full-time yoga influencer.

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Yoga and Me

My contribution to yoga is humor and authenticity. I want to shout it, share it and make it reach everyone.

I created an open studio with the intention of finding a space where I can explain yoga as I have experienced it, in the most natural and sincere way possible.

Dara Martinez Namastecita yoga mats ambassador ambassador mats

My style

I am trained in Integral Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for pregnancy, and Children's Yoga. My style in classes is not just about techniques, but about connecting from the most real and authentic part of myself.

I prefer to focus on what it feels like during classes rather than what my titles say. I apply my vision of yoga in each asana and in each Hatha style class, which are the ones that fill our schedule the most.

My philosophy

Maintaining consistency and naturalness is essential for me.

I have a special ability to accompany people who are starting out, using my curious and fun way of explaining things.

I believe in the importance of living and teaching yoga from the heart, holding each practice with authenticity and joy.

Dara Martinez Namastecita yoga mats ambassador ambassador mats

Contact me!

You can do it through my Instagram: @daramartinez_

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