Ivan Matamala

Ivan Matamala ambassador namastecita yoga mats mats

Namaste! I am Ivan Matamala, lover of oriental arts and meditation.

Discovering Yoga!

In 2019, during my first trip to India, 🇮🇳 I discovered Yoga in the best possible place: its birthplace, Rishikesh. There I discovered that yoga is much more than “simple” asana, balance and flexibility. Yoga allowed me to discover an unknown part of myself, which continues to evolve and grow today. 🙏🏼

Ivan Matamala ambassador namastecita yoga mats mats

My teaching style

A teacher by profession and vocation, in 2022 I had the opportunity to start teaching yoga classes to a very special group.

I consider myself a fairly technical and dynamic yoga teacher who likes to get off the mat to be close to the practitioner, adjusting and guiding.

Trained in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, I feel very comfortable and happy introducing new yoginis to this art and way of life. 🕉️

My energy and constant movement allow me to be very aligned with Power yoga, as well as Rocket yoga, always looking for extra energy and personal challenge.

Thank you Namastecita for the opportunity to continue creating magical moments and transforming our body, mind and spirit on your fabulous mats! 🙏🏼

Ivan Matamala ambassador namastecita yoga mats mats


If you want, you can follow me on my Instagram @ivanmg_yoga and learn together in this infinite world ♾️

Om tat sat!

🧘🏻‍♂️ Ivan Matamala


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