Juanita Rosasco

About me

Hello everyone! My name is Juanita.

My career as a Hatha Yoga Instructor from August 2020 to the present has left an important contribution to the well-being of my students in various centers and locations.

I love sharing this practice with others. It exposes me, challenges me and makes me uncomfortable every day. Every moment is an opportunity to realize what I am, what we are. I love adventure, getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new people and places. Sometimes we think that our purpose is something enormous, we want to help everyone, change the world... and we forget that the greatest purpose is to change our inner world, live in love, enjoy and be grateful for the little things, the details.

I offer online classes at all levels, retreats and gatherings, and in person at Abhyasae Studio .

You can connect with me on Instagram: @juanitarosasco!

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