Lorena Mateo



Hello! I'm Lorena and I want to tell you a little about myself, my practice, my philosophy, and invite you to connect with me ✨

About me

Since my childhood I have practiced sports gymnastics, I have always felt a strong connection with exercise, nature, and animals.

I am a massage therapist, veterinary assistant, hatha-vinyasa yoga teacher, and I am currently training in mindfulness and holistic psychology, expanding my knowledge to share and experience, being an eternal learner.

About 10 years ago, yoga became a door to a whole world for me. After practicing Hatha, Asthanga and yin yoga, I became certified as a hatha-vinyasa yoga teacher at the Mandiram school in Barcelona, ​​where I had the opportunity to study with specialized teachers from all over the world.

My practice

I currently specialize in Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic style that originates from the lineage of hatha yoga. This practice synchronizes movement with breathing, creating a type of meditative dance that adapts to different levels of practitioners.

I teach face-to-face classes and workshops in various centers in the province of Barcelona, ​​I would love to share a practice with you!



My philosophy

My goal and purpose is to share how yoga can help us achieve a state of comprehensive well-being, to find balance, harmony and mental clarity: to "breathe life."



Let's be in touch

I invite you to follow and contact me on Instagram: @lorenamateoyoga

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