Maca Musante

Hello everyone! My name is Maca Musante.

I have a deep passion for yoga and specialize in breathing, neuroscience and ice bathing.

My exposure to the cold began with a motorcycle accident, after 3 surgeries to recover my knee and be able to walk again, it has become a great ally against chronic pain. And above all a powerful tool to control my mind.

Over time I have learned that life is a decision, and that, not all the time, but in general, I love living, I think it is an art that has cost me a lot to learn, and I am convinced that we choose exactly where we are, not Luck exists, our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, playing the victim is the most basic thing, and the power of our mind has no limits, select your thoughts like you choose your clothes.

As I always say in my trainings, your brain does not recognize what is real and what is not, choose your neurotransmitters, train your mind. You create your own reality.

You can count on me on Instagram: @macamusante !

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