Lucy Loop

Miss Lucy Loop Namastecita

Hi, I'm Lucy, a registered yoga teacher (RYT 500h) and nutrition coach.

My Bio

Born and raised in Milan, I was always intrigued by how we can take charge of our own health, which led me to study Nutritional Sciences at the University of Milan. While studying and finishing my master's degree, I discovered yoga and fell in love with the practice and how it positively influences both physical and mental health, helping us connect with ourselves.

Looking for new challenges (and better weather), I moved to Barcelona in 2017 and began sharing my practice in various studios and companies, and led different workshops on yoga and nutrition. Following the sun and new adventures, in 2023 I moved to the Gold Coast with my partner, where I continue to coach people in conscious movement and balanced nutrition.

Miss Lucy Loop Namastecita

My philosophy

I love teaching and practicing different styles of yoga, from a gentle, grounding flow, to a spicier one, to challenge my students and help them advance their practice. The focus in my classes is always on active movements to promote body awareness and improve posture by increasing both strength and flexibility in the body, and also in the mind.

Everything the body does is dictated by the mind, so I firmly believe that connecting with the physical body can help us access the mind and become more aware of specific patterns and beliefs that define who we are. Breathing is always the boss and is what guides us through the postures.

Miss Lucy Loop Namastecita


In my classes, expect to find progressions toward arm balances and inversions along with juicy stretches and Pranayama techniques. Online classes and coaching are available.

Miss Lucy Loop Namastecita

Contact me!

Send me a direct message on my Insta: @ lucia__tabacco if you want to practice with me or want more information about me 🙂

See you on the mat! 🧘🏽‍♀️ Lucy


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