Sara Vinas

Hello, I'm Sara Viñas🥰!

More than 9 years ago I decided to change the direction of my life... due to certain life circumstances... yoga came into my life and I immediately felt that it was my path, my path, what really vibrated in me✨

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I was a gym instructor... I did all kinds of activities, training... And there I met my great teacher and friend Cristina Albadalejo from espaiholistic 🤍. She put the seed in me and I decided to train to become the professional I am today. In continuous training, learning and being grateful every day for everything new that comes into my life.

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Thanks to Yoga I can help people in that change, transformation, awakening, so that they can be aware of the importance of physical, mental and spiritual well-being... Of connection, of love.....💫🤍

Yoga is everything, my philosophy of life🌌🌿🥰!!


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I currently live in ETXEBARRI (BASQUE COUNTRY) where I have my ANAHATA HOLISTIC CENTER. We do HATHA YOGA, VINYASA YOGA, INTEGRAL YOGA, MEDITATION sessions. I organize RETREATS, YOGA & BRUNCH day events... Creating safe, quiet, calm spaces full of love.


YOGA 300h YTT, Meditation Guide, Ayurveda Advisor, Pilates.


Instagram: @saravgyoga

See you soon on the mat, around the world, the universe🌌with lots of love🤍✨



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