Receive a warm welcome to Namastecita! 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

We are excited to be part of your yoga journey! We want to thank you for choosing our yoga mat, not only because you trust us, but also because together we are taking care of our beloved planet.

happy yogi practicing with namastecita at montjuic

We want your experience with our yoga mat to be more than fantastic, for you to fall in love with it, for you to feel comfortable and connected with each posture you perform.

How to care for the mat?

We have worked hard to ensure that we offer you a durable, non-slip and environmentally friendly product, so you can enjoy your yoga sessions to the fullest.

This is how we clean our Namastecita mats:

1) Clean the entire surface with a dry cloth. A microfiber one would be great.
cleaning yoga mat

2) Fold part of the mat inward, and start cleaning the back part (the rubber part) with the same cloth.

rolling yoga mat

3) Roll the mat towards you, and repeat step 2 until the base is completely clean.

collage cleaning yoga mat

If you want to thoroughly clean your mat, because it seems dirtier or because it has slightly lost its grip, you can moisten the cloth more with a solution with:

  • Water 💧
  • Two drops of detergent 🫧

The only difference is that you have to let the mat dry before rolling it up.

Once dry, roll up and store.

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Once again, thank you for choosing us 💙

The Namastecita team.