Benefits of Yoga for the Body and Mind

At Namastecita, we are passionate about what we do: Yoga.

With it being International Yoga Day, we want to share a mini reflection on the benefits that this practice has brought to us: Lucia, Nico, and Abbie, who are part of Namastecita.

Yoga is a great way to foster community, promote mental wellbeing and support our bodies.

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We began our journey with yoga during the closing of COVID-19, and it has transformed our lives! Here are some of the ways our bodies and minds have benefited from integrating yoga into our daily routine.

By the way, this is our experience, and can in no way be taken as a professional opinion. For that it is important to talk to trained people. We can introduce you to some of them in our ambassadors section.

We are going to divide them into two blocks: benefits for the body and for the mind,

Shall we start?

Benefits that Help Promote a Healthful Body


Yoga has physical health benefits

🧘‍♂️ Improves Posture

Since we both have jobs that may require sitting, proper posture is necessary to avoid neck and back pain. Yoga has helped us align our bodies and reinforce proper posture.

Nico is noticeably more upright.

Our non-slip yoga mats with alignment lines can help you keep your body aligned and improve your posture.

    🤸‍♀️ Improves Flexibility

    When we first started practicing yoga, we felt a little stiff and sore. As we continued our practice, we began to reach deeper into our poses, feeling our muscles loosen and stretch.

    Yoga has greatly improved our flexibility and helps us stay more active and limber, especially with young children!

    Vinyasa Yoga is ideal if you are looking to focus on flexibility.


    💪 Enhances Strength

    Holding and maintaining balance in different postures requires strength. But talking to other expert yogis like our recent ambassador Cande, it is also necessary to complement with another activity to better reach the postures, and boy is it true!

    You can challenge your body by holding the postures longer and trying new and more difficult postures. If you are just starting out it is always advisable to consolidate the technique with a teacher.


      🫀Boosts Cardiorespiratory Health

      By practicing breath control and more dynamic forms of yoga, we have also improved our cardiorespiratory system. It can help improve blood flow, lung capacity and lower blood pressure!

      Vinyasa is a dynamic type of yoga to increase the heart rate. Use non-slip yoga mats to get the most out of this dynamic practice.

      So far so good?

      Benefits that Support Mental Health

      Yoga has mental health benefits


      Boosts Mood and Energy

      Since we started incorporating the daily practice of yoga, we have noticed a huge boost in our mood and energy levels.

      Yoga releases beneficial chemicals in our body that make us happier and fuller of life - a morning yoga routine gives us energy to start the day!


      🧘‍♀️ Promotes Mindfulness and Reduces Stress

      No one is immune to stress and anxiety. For us, working with young children can be extremely stressful, but yoga has helped us find respite!

      Mindful meditation and breath control relax our minds and create peace, reducing our stress and helping us to connect our minds with our bodies. Karma yoga focuses specifically on mindfulness.


      👥 Fosters Community and Connection

      Joining classes or online communities to share experiences helps build that connection to a community. A yogi community offers a great place to find simply beautiful people and share a passion for yoga.

      Yoga has many benefits for the body and mind. Our lives have been transformed in the best way since practicing yoga.

      Celebrate International Day by trying yoga or continuing your practice and join our yogi community! 🧘‍♀️🌎


      It is so important to take care of our minds just as much as our bodies, and yoga is one of the best ways to do that! There are so many more benefits, too, such as helping with sleep and brain function. 


      Yoga has so many benefits for our bodies and minds, with even more beyond these listed! Our lives have transformed in the best ways since adding yoga. Celebrate International Day by giving yoga a try or continuing your yoga practice and join our community of yogis! 🧘‍♀️🌎

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