Have you tried Sivananda Yoga?

What is Sivananda Yoga?

Sivananda Yoga is one of the most mystical and complete yoga traditions that exist. At the heart of its practices and precepts is the wisdom of the ancient tradition of Vedanta, Ayurveda, yogic philosophy and ancient Indian texts, among other bodies of philosophical, psychological, medicinal and spiritual knowledge.

It is a gentle form of yoga that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual health. Since it is a slow and relaxed method, it is recommended for beginners, as it allows the asanas to be memorized very well. Practicing on a Namastecita non-slip yoga mat can make your experience even more enriching and safer.

Each Sivananda Yoga practice incorporates chants and mantras, sun salutations as a warm-up, the twelve postures, and relaxation. This style of yoga seeks, through postures, the prevention of diseases, the opening of energy channels and chakras, the health of the spine, flexibility, the strengthening of muscles and internal organs, as well as calming the mind.

The twelve postures

The Sivananda system synthesizes the benefits of hatha yoga in twelve postures, always present in a practice of this school:

1. Sirshasana


2. Sarvangasana


3. Halasanasivananda


4. Matsyasana


5. Paschimothanasana


6. Bhujangasana


7. Shalabhasana


8. Dhanurasana


9. Ardha Matsyendrasana


10. Kakasana or Mayurasana


11. Pada Hasthasana


12. Trikonasana


Benefits of Sivananda Yoga

With its greater emphasis on spirituality and positive thinking, the Sivananda style of yoga is excellent if the goal is to achieve a good degree of meditation, find stress relief, and personal empowerment. Sivananda is also ideal for those who need a positive change in their lifestyle, as this style incorporates diet and positive thinking into each class. Practicing on a 4mm non-slip yoga mat or an eco-friendly lotus yoga mat from Namastecita can enhance these benefits.

Is Sivananda Yoga Right for You?

Incorporating yoga as a lifestyle is a great challenge. The good news is that yogis of all levels can practice Sivananda Yoga because of its gentle rhythm. In this practice, the participant learns not only breathing exercises and asanas, but also to practice several hours of chanting. Using a non-slip yoga mat or a natural rubber yoga mat can enhance your experience and help you integrate yoga more effectively into your daily life.

Sivananda Yoga can be the gateway to transforming your life. As we mentioned in our previous article on how to make yoga a lifestyle, finding the right mat is essential. Namastecita offers you non-slip yoga mats and other accessories that will accompany you on this journey of self-knowledge and well-being.

Incorporate Sivananda Yoga into your life with Namastecita!

Practicing Sivananda Yoga with a Namastecita non-slip mat will not only improve your physical practice, but will also help you find balance and inner peace. With Namastecita, you are one step closer to making yoga your lifestyle .

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