Esterilla "Dara" | Dualidad de Vida - Negro

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La esterilla de yoga ecológica negra, diseñada por Una Yogui en la Vida Moderna, celebra la dualidad de la vida, buscando el equilibrio entre la luz y la oscuridad, yin y yang.

Ideal para yoguis que valoran la alineación en su práctica. Esta esterilla aporta quietud en la práctica con un diseño sutil muy presente.


Material: Natural rubber and ecopolyurethane (Non-toxic, PVC free)

Laser Engraving 🆕: your design without relief , so that it withstands the passage of time.

Weight Approx. 2.8 kg (Perfect for use at home or in the studio)

Dimensions: 183x68 cm (Comparable to the length of a standard surfboard)

Thickness Approx. 4 mm (Very good cushioning and grip)

Care and Cleaning

It is not necessary to clean your mat every day, only when you notice that you have sweated a lot on it, or if you have used it outdoors.

Use a drop of detergent diluted in water, moisten a cloth in the solution, and rub (gently!) your Namastecita mat. Make sure it is completely dry before rolling it up and storing it.

✨ We explain this better in the "welcome kit" ✨

Meet your new favorite yoga mat

Unsurpassed grip

A commitment to stability, ideal for advanced asanas and intense practices, where each hand and foot remains in place without

Original designs

Our designs are full of meaning , and in this case even a little more, thanks to the collaboration with "yogi in modern life".

Durability and Quality

With a robust construction and top-quality materials, our
mats stand the test of time.

As Dara said "If you are looking for a non-slip material, you would like it to accompany you for many years..."

Eco-conscious and sustainable

PVC free and biodegradable . Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, our mats demonstrate a deep respect for the planet.

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