Why choose a Namastecita mat instead of a basic Decathlon mat?

We all start our yoga journey little by little, right?

In our case, it was by buying a very basic yoga mat on Amazon, just to "try it out".

We liked yoga. And boy, did we. We made the first "upgrade" in less than a year: the 25-euro mat (still made of PVC) from Decathlon...

A year later... the mat was getting longer with every downward dog. What?

That's when we took the reins, and created the first Namastecita. Absolutely amazed of course from the first second.

Anyway... we have been using the same one for almost 3 years now. Its shape has not changed. Its grip remains the same. The design is a bit worn, but proudly: it's because we use it!

The story about us tells a bit of our quest for the perfect mat. It is now our mission to bring it to the world, so that everyone can elevate their yoga practice.

Finding a mat that keeps up with you is important, especially if you want to take your practice to the next level. We know that Namastecita mats are the perfect mat for any yogi, and here's why:

namastecita sustainable yoga mats

Durable Mats

Unlike basic mats, Namastecita mats are designed to last. In 5 years, you would need just one Namastecita mat, while you might end up buying five mats of lesser quality.

Cheap is expensive. We all know this.

Over time, this not only saves money and time, but is also more sustainable for our planet.

Elevate your Practice

But what the heck does it mean to "elevate the practice"? To ascend to the heavenly plane while doing your practice? Let's see... not exactly.

The grip offers greater stability to support you in advanced asanas and intense practices. If you try to do a posture but your mat changes shape, then you are closer to injury than to advancing to the next level.

A mat that's made straight and true won't slip or slide, even when you're sweating.

Trusted by our many yogi ambassadors, it can help you take your practice to the next level. These cracks love our brand, and they can't be wrong.


namastecita non-slip yoga mats

Ecological Mats and Delivery

Our mats are more than durable, they are sustainable from production to delivery. The mats are made from environmentally friendly natural products, such as natural rubber from trees. The materials are PVC-free and biodegradable.

In addition, all mats are delivered with a carbon neutral transport system, which means that we pay to eliminate the carbon that transport emits into the air.

Going one step further, for every review we receive, we plant a tree (so buy a mat and leave a review to give something back 😉).

More about this on our page: climate commitment.

Unique and Original Designs

All designs included in our yoga mats are original and exclusive to Namastecita. We currently have two collections, Gold Edition and Viva la Vida.

Our Gold Edition is our first collection and features gold ink on the designs.

Our Viva la Vida collection is inspired by the love of music and Coldplay in particular.

Each mat includes a center alignment line to help you in your practice.


namastecita yoga mat with original designs


Support Local Business

Namastecita is a small local business in Barcelona, run by us, Nico and Lucia.

Between its durability, eco-friendly model, non-slip grip, and unique designs, it has exceeded our expectations and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Check out our collection of yoga mats to buy and see for yourself how they outperform the traditional yoga mat.


namastecita small local business

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No puedo estar más de acuerdo!
Y a eso añadiría ‘Una esterilla que te Cuida’!
En mis 4 primeros años de práctica de Yoga he comprado no menos de 3 esterillas… buscando cada vez más comodidad, más agarre, diseño que me guste, o remplazar un producto dañado (a medida que mi práctica se volvía más frecuente, y más intensa). Desde hace dos años que tengo mi esterilla Namastecita, me olvidé de todo eso, y no busco más! es mi mejor compañera de práctica :)

Sophie Sornet

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